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Friday, 3 June 2016


1. Malaysia is a Constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary Democracy.

2. The country has a written constitution and laws to protect the people from criminal acts and abuses of power by the Government.

3. Unfortunately we are seeing the Constitution and the laws of the country being ignored or abused. The built-in constitutional provision for redress i.e the report to the police and the vote of non-confidence to remove the leader are now no longer available.

4. The separation of power between the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary is not respected any more. The Prime Minister seems to exercise power over all three. As a result he seems to be above the laws of the country.

5. He created a national wealth fund from borrowed money.

6. Now the Government is in debt totalling RM50 billion.

7. 1MDB is unable to pay a two billion dollar interest on the debt.

8. 1MDB defaulted on the payment of another debt. 1MDB invested one billion dollars in JV with Petro Saudi, supposedly to exploit oil and gas concessions in Argentina and Turkmenistan.

9. The JV was dissolved as there was no oil or gas to produce.

10. The USD 1 billion share in the JV was lent or sold to Petro Saudi for 1.2 billion.

11. More money was lent to Petro Saudi.

12. Where the money has gone to is not known.

13. More than 2 billion USD was invested in Cayman Islands.

14. The money was said to have been brought back and deposited in a Singapore bank.

15. The Singapore bank denies money had been deposited with it by 1MDB.

16. 1MDB then claims it was not money, but units. What unit?

17. Suddenly Najib was reported to have USD 681 million (equal to RM 2.6 billion) in his private account in Ambank.

18. He claims it was a donation but has no credible document to prove it.

19. He had spent some of the money held in this account on himself.

20. There is no record of his spending on UMNO in the 13th General Election as he claims.

21. Reports by Bank Negara apparently on this account has been brushed aside by the newly appointed Attorney General.

22. There are many more things done by Najib which require police investigations together with other Government agencies under the law.

23. All these investigations cannot be done because they are stopped by Najib as Prime Minister.

24. In fact all avenues for redress are now not available to the citizens of Malaysia.

25. These are extraordinary circumstances and resort has got to be made through extraordinary means.

26. Hence the Citizens’ Declaration on saving Malaysia and the appeal to the Rulers to intervene.

27. Although there is no provision for the Rulers to intervene, nevertheless there are ways and means for the Rulers to save the country from the abuses of power by Prime Minister Najib.

28. The people look up to the Rulers to save Malaysia.

29. I am sure the Rulers will not fail them.


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